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C.P. Queen Of Rap Soul released a brand new album late last year titled, “Chronological Ballistics” and there is no denying that it is amazing.

I love a good album, as we really get to hear the artist, their style and their talent, and I must say, “Chronological Ballistics” is a great one.

The album consists of twenty tracks, some which are short intros, and some which are just fantastic music.

Kicking off the album we have “Chrono Intro” and the title says it all. This intro is certainly effective as it engrosses us and enables us to get prepared for the album.

The first actual track, “Straightryda” is just incredible. This one is a catchy tune, that will undoubtedly get your body grooving. After hearing this one, I just could not wait to see what else was in store.

One tune that really caught my eye was, “Work It Out”. This one reminds of late 90s/2000s music, and the vibes are just unreal. The vocals in the track are just beyond belief, and we can really hear how skilful the artists are.

Another track that I loved was, “Tree Leaves”. This one has a very intriguing introduction, and from then it just got better and better.

However, this is one of those albums where it is incredibly difficult to pick out a favourite, but if I had to pick one it would be, “In Da Middle”. This song has everything you could ask for, it is groovy, it is catchy, the vocals are great, the music is great and even the production is great!

To finish off the album we have, “Winner” and there is no denying that this was a brilliant way to end the album. We are left on a high and wanting more.

I could honestly talk about this collection all day long, but instead of boring you, why don’t you head over to Spotify and give, “Chronological Ballistics” a listen to now!

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Chronological Ballistics (LP) - C.P. Queen of Rapsoul (R&B) C.P. Queen of Rap Soul has a self proclaimed title that sets up quite a task for her debut album “Chronological Ballistics.” C.P., or Carle Pen, partners with Brian Johnson, “B~nYce”, on the beats to compile a 20 track album that spans genres (R&B to Reggae to Hip Hop) as well as the emotional spectrum—from life’s difficulties to just getting on the floor at a party. We break into C.P.’s debut effort below, reviewing some of our favorites from the LP.

C.P.’s “Chronological Ballistics” certainly has a retro flare, spanning the R&B and Hip Hop landscape from the late 90s to the mid 00s. The use of interludes alone takes us back to the days of a Janet Jackson album where songs were grouped together thematically and ushered along by spoken word or sound effect heavy interlude frames. Here, however, C.P. most reminds us of TLC—her intro track alone gave us Fanmail vibes for sure. There’s a lot of C.P. that actually reminds us of that GOAT girl group, specifically in her harmonies. There’s a lot of T-Boz in C.P. and we wonder if her vocal harmonies were an inspiration for the project. The instrumentation gave us TLC’s “3D” vibes, however, and a lot of that 00s era future R&B. There are also a few turns into reggae and rap, and in those moments we are reminded of Shawnna’s debut album.

Over the 20 tracks, C.P. covers a lot of subject matter. After the introduction, she starts off as every good debut artist should—telling us her story. It’s been a difficult journey for C.P., which she shares very openly on “Straitryda”, from the passing of her mother, the suicide of the father of her child, abuse…she really pulls no punches in letting you know exactly where she is coming from. But most shocking of all is how little the album dwells on what could turn out to be a sorrowful suite of songs. In fact, we think “Chronological Ballistics” is a joyful album that shines most when C.P. just takes us to the dance floor for a good time. There’s a power in being able to find joy in the shadow of darkness, and that appears to be C.P.’s testament.

Our favorite tracks by far are the party anthems, and C.P. seems to be begging for a viral dance challenge with “Funky Lou” and “Oly Oxen Free.” Like the electric slide, cupid shuffle and stanky leg, C.P. is not afraid to step into the spotlight and declare a new dance. The tracks are extremely catchy—some real earworm material there—and you can definitely see them bringing audiences to the floor to execute the accompanying dance number. “Party @ The Club” is also a banger, which simply states the desire to party. With so much moody and broody R&B these days, it’s refreshing to hear a straight down the middle “let’s dance” kind of track.

Outside of the dance numbers, our favorite track is “Winner”—another future R&B track whose harmonies in the chorus reminds us so much of TLC. It’s a great way to close a strong project, and nice bookend to the introductory recitation of darkness—emerging the winner.

As she tells us in the intro, chronological means the order of time while ballistics refers to the science of projectiles. I guess that it means it’s C.P.’s time to soar.

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Chronological Ballistics, the debut album by C.P. Queen of Rap Soul, is a musical rollercoaster that effortlessly weaves through R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop, and Go-Go, creating a sensational and intimate sonic journey. Helmed by Carle Pen, the lead vocalist, and songwriter, and brought to life with the beats of Brian Johnson’s “B~nYce,” Chronological Ballistics is a captivating exploration of the artist’s eclectic musical prowess.

“Chrono Intro” is the consensual invitation to Chronological Ballistics with its otherworldly, futuristic ambiance. Coming up, “Straightryda,” wastes no time in hitting hard with pumping beats and gets straight to business with Carle Pen’s intimate life with her raspy and rich vocals.

As the album progresses, each track presents a different facet of the artist’s musical range and journey. “Down by the River” surprises with catchy hooks and glitzy beats. Whereas “Work it Out” brings retro dance floor energy with the singer’s sultry and rich vocals.

“Funky Lou (Interlude)” adds an interesting dialogue, seamlessly transitioning to “Funky Lou,” the sixth track, which exudes vibrant sensations. “Ridin 24s” rattles just to get smoothed over by Carle Pen’s silky flow. Then, “Tree Leaves” introduces orchestral grandeur to the mix.

“Oly Oxen Free,” the 13th track, emerges as the perfect party anthem with pulsating synths, electrifying beats, and fast, smooth verses. “Superwoman” stands out with its relaxing R&B flow with soulful, tender, layered vocals.

“Natural Sky” takes a mellower turn, enveloping listeners with angelic soft tunes and Carle Pen’s slow, soft vocals. The penultimate track, “Thank Him,” opens with birds chirping and a playful tune as the singer expresses gratitude to Jesus and encourages us to appreciate every moment.

Closing Chronological Ballistics is “Winner,” the 20th track, crossing the finishing line with a powerful and effortlessly confident mood. The catchy and chill sensation wraps up the musical journey on a high note.

We find Chronological Ballistics a masterpiece that marks a promising start for C.P. Queen of Rap Soul. As Carle Pen’s versatility builds connections and sparks joy, witness her majestic entrance into the industry yourself.